Native Ultra™ Canadian Ginseng/Long Root -Value Package 0.5lb

Product description 

Canadian Ginseng(Panax quinquefolius): is considered an adaptogen, which means it boosts your body to withstand mental and physical stress. It may improve your immune system, function as an excellent antioxidant supplement, benefit fatigue, depress conditions and act as a stress tonic. 

Native Ultra™ Canadian ginseng is native to eastern Canada, famous of its unique texture and “chrysanthemum core”, stands best quality and is a 100% Canadian product.  

加拿大西洋参 (Panax quinquefolius) 来自加东魁北克道地产区,芦头不去,表面浅黄色或黄白色,色泽油光,皮纹细腻,质地饱满而结实,断切面干净,呈现清晰的菊花纹理。加拿大西洋参具有丰富的人参皂苷,且其中的西洋参总皂苷以及人参皂苷r64的含量明显高于同剂量人参的皂苷含量。Native Ultra™ 的道地西洋参有着最好的质量控制及100%加拿大原产地保证。


Product Category

– Long Root

– 100% Canada native product

– Value Package, 0.5lb



– 100%加拿道地西洋参产品



改善综合体质 / 有效抗压抗疲劳 / 促进机体物理修复能力 / 改善认知能力及情绪 / 降低血糖(2型糖尿病)/ 促进免疫系统功能 / 对抗炎症/ 预防肿瘤 / 提升性功能

9 Proven Ginseng Benefits 

Improvement of general wellbeing / Better withstand stress and fatigue / Improved physical performance and recovery / A positive effect on cognitive performance and mood / Lowers Blood Sugar Levels (Type 2 diabetes) / Anti-Inflammatory Properties / Boosts Immune System / Prevents Cancer / Treats Sexual Dysfunction

A Little More Culture About Canadian Ginseng : 

Canadian ginseng is native to eastern Canada, in Chinese traditional medicine, which has used ginseng for thousands of years, considers Canadian ginseng a “cool” calming tonic, it nourishes the Yin.

西洋参(Panax quinquefolius)是五加科人参属多年生草木植物, 原产于加拿大的大魁北克。

【性味】性凉, 味甘、微苦


【主治】 西洋参具有补气养阴,清热生津的功效。用于气虚阴亏,内热,咳喘痰血,虚热烦倦,消渴,口燥喉干等。

Additional information

Weight 227 g
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 16 cm


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