Caribbean Wild Sea Cucumber, 1 lb/bag, ±40 pieces/lb

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Caribbean wild sea cucumber, 1 pound package, specification: 40 pieces ± per pound.

This is the wild sea cucumber from the Caribbean: wild-caught and processed in the region of origin. This variety of wild sea cucumber grows in an environment free from pollution, antibiotics, and artificial hormones.

Freshly processed without any additives, it is pure, natural, and highly nutritious. The taste and texture are excellent, making it a high-quality source of collagen, and it contains no cholesterol or fat.


How to rehydrate?
1. Soak dry sea cucumbers in the fridge with water five times their volume for 3 days.
2. Change the water, bring it to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes, and let it cool naturally.
3. Repeat step 2, adjusting the simmering time based on your texture preference.
4. Replace with fresh water and soak in the fridge for another day.
Now it's ready to eat.

Note: Please ensure that the container and your hands are clean and free of oil.

Cold: Dice and add to salads, poke bowls with seafood, topped with your favorite dressing; cut into strips or slices for making sushi or sashimi, delicious with any dressings or sauces you like.
Hot: Dice and add to meatballs for spaghetti; cut into strips for Chinese stir-fries; slice for soups and stews. Pairs easily with chicken, pork, beef, and fish and seafood dishes.

Tips: With a mild taste and fat-free, rich in protein and collagen, it's a healthy and delicious ingredient from the Canadian seas.