"NATIVE ULTRA" 5-Year Premium Canadian Ginseng Whole Roots, 454g/bag

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The "NATIVE ULTRA" 5-year Premium Canadian Ginseng Root has been meticulously cultivated over 5years, growing under Canada's unique soil and climatic conditions. This ginseng maintains its original, complete root shape, representing its purest, unprocessed natural state. With its golden-hued skin when harvested and a rich, mellow taste, you can experience the true flavor of ginseng.

1. Whole and Original: Our ginseng root is intact, preserving all its natural nutrients and essence.
2. Strict Selection: Only those with four years of growth maturity are chosen at their optimal state.
3. Natural Nutrients: Rich in a variety of beneficial nutrients for the human body, such as ginsenosides, various amino acids, and vitamins.
4. Multiple Benefits: Not only can it boost energy and stamina, but it also helps improve immunity, reduce fatigue, enhance memory, lower blood sugar, and blood pressure...
5. Golden Appearance: The skin was golden in color when harvested, indicating superior quality.
6. Rich Taste: The flavour is rich and leaves a lingering sweetness.

This product is the perfect choice for consumers who value health and quality. Whether shared with family or enjoyed on your own, you can experience the exceptional quality and genuine taste of NATIVE ULTRA.


*****Note: American ginseng should not be taken with: kudzu root, radish, poria, coffee, and tea.*****