"NATIVE ULTRA" Canadian Ginseng (3g/piece), 150g/box x3 Boxes

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“NATIVE ULTRA” Canadian Ginseng Gift Box (3g per piece), 150g per box X 3 boxes

This is a 5-year Canadian American Ginseng, each piece is carefully selected for its rich taste and aromatic fragrance, smooth to the throat. Packaged in a red box with an included recipe, it’s a great choice for both gifting and personal use.

Canadian Ginseng offers various health benefits: it can clear heat and generate fluids, reduce internal heat; protect the cardiovascular system; aid in calming the mind and improving sleep; and strengthen the immune system. Presenting it as a gift is both generous and elegant, making it a rare health-enhancing treasure.


*****Note: American ginseng should not be taken with: kudzu root, radish, poria, coffee, and tea.*****