"NATIVE ULTRA" 6-Year Selected Canadian Ginseng Whole Roots, 454g/bag

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6-Year Selected Canadian Ginseng Whole Roots

Our Canadian ginseng is a high-quality North American ginseng that comes from a natural environment, carefully cultivated for six years. It is highly regarded by customers for its rich nutritional components, strong nourishing effects, and mellow and sweet taste.

Each original ginseng root is a masterpiece from our farm, and six years of cultivation endows each root with abundant ginsenosides, various amino acids, and vitamins B and C. These nutrients significantly enhance physical strength, boost immunity, counteract aging, improve memory, and promote metabolism. 

Additionally, our American ginseng undergoes strict quality management to ensure not only your enjoyment but also the exceptional quality of the ginseng. It is a high-quality nourishing ingredient suitable for both gifting and personal use.


*****Note: American ginseng should not be taken with: kudzu root, radish, poria, coffee, and tea.*****